Why Semanta Modeler


Why using Semanta Modeler?

Using Semanta Modeler gives you a great (database) modeling solution based on the concepts of semantic modeling. Data models created in Semanta Modeler are far more readable than data models drawn with ER based tools.

Having years of experience in designing database models, we know that a lot of databases don't even have an ER model, and even when there are, they are very difficult to understand in a short time. ER models have to be studied very, very hard to understand them. When drawing the database model in Semanta Modeler you will be able to understand it very quickly. Or even better: recognize its design flaws and get to a better design.

Semanta Modeler has been built from our years of experience in designing databases (both relational and non-relational). It is primarily aimed at modeling (relational-) databases, though the same concept can be used to build models of data structures of any kind (internal class models, system components or non-IT structures like organization hierarchies).

To aid you in development of relational databases, it brings you powerful tools to translate the semantic model to the target database:

The Semantic modeling techniques have been development (and promoted) by dr.ir. J.H. (Johan) ter Bekke at the technical university in Delft, the Netherlands. He developed a prototype of a true Semantic database known as Xplain.